There Are Only 2 Main Differences in 2 Face BJ
1. Whenever the Dealer Has a Face or Ace Up He Shall Reveal His Hole Card 2. The 4 numerical Tens are Removed from Each Deck (ie Spanish Deck)
Other rules are similar to many standard BJ games Hit soft 17 Double After Splits BJ Pays 6 to 5 Double on 9 or higher Insurance pays 2 to 1 for unsuited BJ and 4 to 1 for suited BJ!
With the proliferation of 6 to 5 BJ games in many areas, 2 Face BJ would be a great option for many of the players looking for an alternative. While at the same time holding about as much as a 6 to 5 BJ game . It’s a WIN-WIN for both the players and the casinos!
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Shown with Bust It! side bet. Included at no extra charge.